Company Profile

Attorneys Selling Properties - Using the latest Technology available - changing & disrupting the old ways of selling properties

Only practicing qualified attorneys and conveyancers are allowed to be part of Attorney Realtor Hub.

Using cutting edge technology, direct access to subsides for home buyers, innovative property solutions, combined with many years of legal and property training and expertise, we are able to trim the costs of a property sale transaction and provide a true comprehensive professional property service.

With a qualified attorney in every city, suburb and town in South Africa, this fresh and innovative service provides a complete A- Z property service to sellers and buyers, ranging from education for home buyers, listing and sales of properties, mortgage finance applications, assistance with government subsidies for first time home buyers, up to the complete and comprehensive conveyancing process to register the property purchased in the name of the new buyer and attending to the financial and other arrangements between the seller and the buyer.

Attorney Realtor Hub is a collective service of like-minded creative and innovative attorneys and conveyancers who work together to combine their skills, expertize and latest technology to provide a comprehensive property service, executed by true property professionals who all obtained a law degree, completed a 2 year internship, with access to the latest advanced technology, assisting home sellers by making educated choices before the list their properties for sale, ranging from capital gains tax information, the correct transactional parties to the contract and legal capacity, to listing the property on the largest possible online property portals and networking systems available, only providing property sellers with cash or prequalified home buyers, assisting with a home loan application process and as such understanding the complexities of the finances of a property transaction, the required due dates to provide deposits and financial guarantees, complex transactions such as deceased estate property sales, sales with VAT included or at a zero VAT rate, transactions involving section 34 of the Insolvency Act, sales and purchases by trusts, companies , close corporations, associations and many more.

Technology such as Virtual Reality Tours, online home loan prequalification for home loans, online prequalification for government subsidies for first time home buyers, online and web based home ownership education for buyers, innovative property solutions such as rent2buy, installment sale agreements, combined with the largest national footprint and property professional network and combined client database compliments this true professional property service.