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Do not be tied to your same home loan interest rate for the rest of your home loan term

01 Oct 2019
Renegotiating a lower interest rate later can save you thousands of Rands. You have nothing to lose then, as your home loan is already approved.

Free online Bond Indicator revolutionised the mortgage industry

16 Jul 2019
With more that 72 000 subscribers, the free online Bond Indicator revolutionised the mortgage industry.

Co-working office spaces for attorneys recently launched

04 Jun 2019
Co-working initiative by the Attorney Realtor Hub has already garnered a large take-up and support in the legal fraternity.

Innovative property solutions for buyers and sellers

04 Jun 2019
Alternative solutions to buying and selling your home.

10 TIPS for Buyers to save money

05 Apr 2019
10 TIPS for Property Buyers to Save Money

Attorney Realtor HUB participates in Cape Town Property Buyer Show

05 Apr 2019
6- 7 April - See you at the Cape Town Property Buyer Show

Die Moets en Moenies van Verhuring

25 Feb 2019
Die Moets en Moenies van Verhuring

Khayelitsha Property Buyer Workshop: Legal Terms & Conditions when Buying or Selling Property

27 Nov 2018
The focus of this workshop will be on how to buy a property, the legalities involved and property problems and possible solutions.

Free property buyer and seller information workshop on 17 November in Khayelitsha

09 Nov 2018
This workshop will focus on FLISP and Rent2buy

Attorney Realtor Hub hosts Khayelitsha Property Seller and Buyer Information workshops

17 Sep 2018
A 12 month series in which property attorneys who are members of the Attorney Realtor Hub will share their collective property industry knowledge.
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