As a seller you get more money for your property.
By entrusting your attorney with the marketing and sale of your property, you will pay significantly less commission than you would in the traditional way of selling your property. 

Why?  Property processes are streamlined when your Attorney Realtor combines his/her professional expertise with PropertyTech tools. This reduces the overheads and time wasting of conventional selling methods.

That’s why Attorney Realtors are able to charge a rate that starts at 2.5% commission, as they work smarter and more efficiently. Ask your attorney to design a package that can suit your marketing plan for your property.

As a buyer you get more property for your money
In fact, you benefit twice. It’s simple maths. Attorney Realtors can offer a lower commission structure of 2.5% as opposed to the traditional 5-7% commission.

With their client as a seller paying less commission, the property price is typically lower – so as a buyer, you get more property for your money.

The lower price also makes it easier to qualify for a home loan, without having to compromise on the value of property you aspire to.